Pulse check workplace health surveys are a great way to engage with employees and receive actionable feedback in shorter time-frames. GGI can develop a short questionnaire to be distributed to employees online. Data is then collected at different time points (e.g., bi-weekly, monthly) and analyzed to observe trends over time. GGI’s experience is that it is best to keep these surveys brief and actionable. Moreover, because surveys are launched over several weeks, organizations can choose either a trend approach or a phased approach for analysis. A trend analysis ensures that many of the same questions are asked across the pulse surveys, so that movement in the data can be observed over time. A phased approach can be used to uncover and target specific pain points in a more in-depth manner. For instance, the first survey will aim to cast a wide net on key workplace health areas, with each follow-up survey becoming more targeted as particular areas of focus emerge in the data. We work collaboratively with organizations to build a customized pulse survey that is relevant to their needs.

GGI will analyze data and provide mini reports in a timely basis (e.g., monthly). Reports will include key findings and recommendations. This will allow organizations to react and address workplace health issues efficiently.