Goss Gilroy Inc. was incorporated on July 24, 1981. The firm originally had four partners: Tom Goss, Jim Gilroy, Steve Mendelsohn and Alex Turnbull and was based solely in Ottawa. Today, GGI has over 25 employees including 6 partners in three offices, in addition to a large community of associates and sub-contractors.

GGI was originally only located in Ottawa. To this day, Ottawa remains the largest GGI office. Ottawa has had a number of partners come and go over the years, each leaving their legacy behind them as they either retired or moved on to new professional challenges (including sub-contracting with GGI!). An important thrust of the work conducted by Ottawa has been Canadian public sector consulting, but the office also has partners and staff that work in the international development field.

In 1995, one of the partners was moving to St. John’s and convinced the other partners that there were consulting opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Today, the St. John’s office has two partners and four employees. GGI St. John’s is focused on providing consulting services and service delivery supports to Indigenous groups across Canada, local community agencies, municipalities, and the Atlantic Canadian public sector. Current and former partners and employees are well-known and well-respected in the community.

All of the founding partners have now left the firm, but their presence is still keenly felt through our reputation and corporate culture. GGI strives to offer a positive work environment for our employees; one that offers freedom to work on projects that interest them and the independence to shape their career. For clients, we are committed to service excellence. That means that GGI always keeps the clients’ needs at the centre of its work and delivers high quality products.

GGI is a collection of passionate individuals who contribute, through our work, to the public good in Canada and around the world. GGI partners and employees give back to our community in many ways, including supporting staff to volunteer with professional associations, sharing best practices with other professionals, embracing knowledge sharing through hybrid teams with our clients and charitable giving.