This practice area gives particularly strong expression to GGI’s commitment to improving the lives of Canadians. Health, cultural and social and human resource programs directly affect the lives of all Canadians. The public sector has a significant role to play in the delivery of these programs and services for Canadians, although many programs and services are now being delivered in the community through partnerships with non-government organizations.

GGI’s work – whether it is in evaluation or other applied social research or organizational development/strategic learning – contributes to strengthening these programs and services and the organizations responsible for their delivery.

GGI has developed knowledge and established credibility in a range of public social sector programs  and its multi-disciplinary teams – made up of staff and associates – have knowledge of, and experience in, a wide range of program areas, both in Canada and internationally.

GGI’s experience covers many public social sector program areas, including health, the arts and culture, social and community development and human resource development.


  • Environmental health and contaminants
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Health products
  • Health and wellness issues for specific target groups (children, youth, seniors)
  • Health information

Arts and Culture

  • Book publishing
  • Cultural events and funds
  • Television and Internet content
  • Official languages
  • Sports
  • Cultural trade and investment

Social and Community Development

  • Homelessness
  • Settlement assistance for immigrants and refugees
  • Aboriginal communities
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Supports and summer work opportunities for students
  • Volunteerism

Human Resource Development

  • Employment programming for various target groups (youth, Aboriginal peoples, income assistance recipients, persons with disabilities, older workers)
  • Human resource issues in specific industry sectors (child care, home care providers)
  • Labour market information
  • Employee learning
  • Literacy