GGI uses a variety of assessment tools to help address psychological health and safety in the workplace. We work collaboratively with organizations to build a customized workplace wellness strategy, using empirical tools to identify the main barriers to optimal organizational well-being. GGI offers in-depth needs assessments that include:

  • Primary data collection using instruments adapted to your organizational culture (e.g., employee surveys, interviews, focus groups)
  • Secondary data analysis (e.g., data review)
  • Site visits (e.g., to learn how employees interact, how things are organized and prioritized)

GGI also uses nationally recognized psychological health and safety tools, such as the Guarding Minds at Work survey. This free online tool provides employers with an eight-step process to conduct a thorough audit of their organization’s mental health, using worksheets, surveys, and reports that evaluate psychosocial risk factors in their workplace.

Once analysis and reporting is complete, GGI can develop a wellness plan and training strategy for the organization which will include a custom training program as well as a strategic action plan for wellness programs and workplace interventions based on each organization’s specific challenges. An in-depth assessment will allow GGI to make informed recommendations and to tailor initiatives to your organization’s culture and strategy.

Our workplace wellness consultants have the training and organizational experience to help managers and employees identify and manage psychosocial issues in the workplace (e.g., interpersonal conflict, psychological harassment/bullying, psychological safety, burnout, and others). We work closely with organizational leaders as well as diverse employee groups to identify key issues and problem areas (including absenteeism, presenteeism, and other HR concerns including performance issues, workplace issues and training needs).