In October 2017, GGI led a four-day Essential Skills Series course on behalf of the Canadian Evaluation Society, National Capital Chapter. The event was facilitated by Dr. Donald Hall (GGI Partner), who co-designed the course in 2014, and Laura Conroy (Consultant Manager). The course provides instruction on 28 core evaluation concepts – from the uses and benefits of evaluation through common data collection methods to evaluation ethics and standards – and practice in six core skills – from creating logic models to writing findings statements. The following pictures show participants engaged in collaborative learning activities.

GGI conducted several separate assignments for the Government of Ontario to develop a toolkit and associated booklets to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) familiarize themselves with e-business concepts and benefits.

GGI has also developed online learning tools for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the Canadian Evaluation Society, the Centre of Excellence for Child Mental Health and the Asian Development Bank on topics such as results-based management, evaluation, surveys and logic models.

Also, GGI developed and delivered several courses for the Canada School of the Public Service, including a three-day course for real property specialists, and a two-day course to procurement, real property, and materiel management specialists on the machinery and key laws and policies of government.

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