FWCO, incorporated in 2004, is a management consulting firm headquartered in Vancouver. Until May 2015, FWCO owned 50% of Ference Weicker & Company Ltd, which was a leading public sector consulting firm in British Columbia.

Based in Vancouver, the FWCO group has over 100 years of collective experience in serving clients and carrying out projects in a wide range of fields. Their longevity and dedication has enabled them to build trust with our clients and provide them with the high quality services. FWCO has developed highly standardized approaches, procedures, and formats for each component of our assignments which enable us to provide our services quickly and efficiently while allowing for creative and innovative ideas to flourish. They are continuously improving our operations, focusing on growth and improvement, creating the opportunities for our staff and colleagues, and supporting the development of our communities through our services and contributions.

They provide a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Program Design
  • Organizational Reviews
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Cluster, Sector and Regional Studies
  • Investment Attraction and Trade Promotion
  • Small Business Development
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing Strategies